Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Workout 19/Jan/11

Hey everyone,

Sorry for being a bit MIA lately, it's the second day of university since winter break ended, so I've been kind of busy with school related things. Still haven't stopped working out though; I'm officially started with the 3x/week program as of today:

Squats: 220lb 5x5
Dumbell Press: 50 lbs each 5x8 (Didn't increase yet because of a slight pain around my left tricep, and also the gap between now and the last time I did this workout.)
Barbell Rows: 115 lb 5x5
Torso Rotation (machine): 140lb 3 x around 10

Also, since I'm starting basically what's my toughest semester so far - and I really want to be able to enjoy myself in the process like I did during my break - I realized that one of the things I should start posting about is how to manage your time to get things done, and have a little left over for yourself. After all, working out (and hence physical fitness) isn't just about looking good, it's about wanting to live a better life and there's more to that than working out. :)


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  2. barbell rows are tough. you did a great job!

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  4. Here, here! I so agree, as nice as it is to lose weight from working out, too many people only focus on that part, people need to focus on overall health as well! Good luck on the 'me time', following :D

  5. an inspiration too all of us who are out of shape.

  6. The funny thing is, if you saw me you'd think I'm really out of shape, because I have a really high fat percentage. That's mostly because of my on-off working out and bad diet, but when I'm consistent on working out I see noticeable changed. But this shows that even a fatty like me can be strong.

  7. You make me wana stick to my new years resolution

  8. Ugh, hardest semester yet? Sounds rough. Hope all is well! Keep it up man