Sunday, January 30, 2011

Workout 28/Jan/11

Hey everyone,

Sorry for being MIA yet again, same story, I've been busy getting myself into school-mode while maintaining what remains of my social life.

Anyway, my workout was as follows on Friday (I know I skipped some logs but the workouts were done for sure :))

Squats - 205lb 5x5 - here I had to lower my weight from 225 because of bad form, I lean forward too much and this makes my lower back hurt. I didn't notice before since the weight was manageable I guess, but now it's getting a problem.

Dumbell Bench - 55lbs 5x8 - Finally a gain, from 50lb to 55lb dumbell in each hand. This one felt great the next day on the chest.

BB Rows - 120lb 5x5


  1. u so strong big mane

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  2. About to go hit the threadmill myself.
    Broke so bodyweight workout for me.
    ( cuz yeah i dont have a dumbelle but i have a brand new threadmill, thanks mother in law )

  3. i goes sprintang

    Following and supporting

  4. You must be on the cell tech to be able to do a workout like that.

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